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What Is DOGs?

Basic Information

DOGs was set up at the Durham University Scout and Guide Group AGM in 2001 as a means of keeping retired DUSAGGers in touch and to allow us to do activities and camps of our own. We will also try to help the current society with the competitions they run, either directly or by providing base ideas etc.

DOGs is a Trefoil Guild within Durham County. This will provide insurance, support and the chance to prove that not all Guilds are over 60.

We have an email list that reaches all members and postal addresses for the membership can be obtained from the Chairman. The membership fee (includes Trefoil Guild membership) for 2008 is £5, or £2.50 for the last six months.

We are open to all ex-DUSAGGers, their partners.

To find out more about joining click here.

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