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DOGs Officers 2016

DOGs is set up to be as simple as possible - the whole point is being active, not having meetings. There is no Events Organiser as any DOGs member can run activities.

Simon Peers, the Chairman, is responsible for making sure things happen.

Richard Hall is the Treasurer and all round money grabber.

Jen Cooke, the Secretary, conducts elections at the AGM and gets The Trefoil magazine to inform us of relevant parts. Also looks after the quote and route books.

Claire Madley, the Liaisons Officer, lurks in Durham to entice DUSAGGers and attend Guild meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

Paul Mansfield, the Archivist is responsible for the upkeep of the archives - for both DUSAGG and DOGs.

Jess Beck is the Ordinary Member of the Committee, aka the Sacrificial Lamb.

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