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The Forum/Newsgroup

Information and Instructions

The DOGs forum is viewable as a newsgroup, on the web or by email. You see the same messages whichever way you use. It is just which method you prefer.

The forum isn't the same thing is the mailinglist. The forum is for random discussion, like the DUSAGG newsgroup used to be.

For most people, Just Click Here


Click here. If your computer has a sensible setup, then it should launch a newsreader to read a newsgroup called oldgits.general, on a server called doylem.co.uk. The advantage of the newsreader option are that it keeps track of which messages are read. I imagine most people will want to read using a newsreader. This option might not be very good for people who use different computers, or who don't have news reader software installed.


You can subscribe on the web here. Fill in your email address and a password, and you will be subscribed. The password lets you change options about your subscription later. You won't be subscribed right away, because your subscription has to be approved - we don't want any baddies on our maillinglist.

If you want, you can select to receive messages as digests. This means that you get one big email a day, rather than lots of little ones. Once you are subscribed, you can send mail to oldgits-forum (at) doylem.co.uk and it will go to the mailing list and newsgroup. You can only post by email if you are subscribed to the mailing list.

The web

The address you need to know is here. But you need a username and password to get in. To find out the password, email us.

The reason for the password is because we don't really think we want google (and every other search engine) making available everything we say. There is an alternative version of the same thing here. This has a framed view of the messages, and doesn't show all the messages at the same time. Please send any problem reports, questions or suggestions to us or just post your question to the forum.

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