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Joining DOGs

How to sign your life away

To be eligible to join DOGs, you need to satisfy one of two criteria:

1. Be a retired member of DUSAGG
2. Be the partner of a DOGs member

Membership may be granted to others at the discression of the committee.

If you are eligible and interested then welcome to DOGs. Please send the following details to the Chairman:

If you are not sure whether you want to pay for membership, then you may just want to join the mailinglist. Then you will get to know what events are happening.

Communication between members and about forthcoming events will usually be by email, however if you do not have access to email you can request information by post.

It is important that you let us know if any of your circumstances change, so we can update our records.

What you get for joining

Membership for 2008 is £5 per person, or £2.50 for those joining after 1st June.
N.B. You must be a member of DOGs or DUSAGG to attend events.

More details about the mailing list can be found here.

Data Protection: The above information will only be used by DOGs. Details will be kept on the DOGs address list, which will be sent every now and then to DOGs members. Only your name will appear on the web. The information will not be distributed in any other way without your permission.

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